Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should I choose Spanish Tutor Athens?

I am a former UGA Spanish instructor, native speaker and experienced certified teacher. My students get their money’s worth because I have the training, experience and personality that will maximize effectiveness in the teaching and learning process.

Anyone who starts with me gets a free Spanish grammar review package and basic vocabulary learning kit.

Depending on the customer’s goals and objectives, I will provide on an ongoing basis free resources to facilitate studying and learning in between sessions.

The initial student’s strengths and needs assessment is the starting point, but INDIVIDUALIZED assessment is an ongoing process that informs each present and future session. Student’s feedback is super important and I encourage it. Sharing, feeling safe and risk taking is essential when learning.

I provide study and learning strategies to maximize classroom time and individual work when learning and studying Spanish.

My schedule is very flexible and I can adapt in most cases to the student’s time preferences.

I will be honest and let customers know what I see about their progress, even when I believe that my help is not longer needed at any point.

Q2. Do you offer Spanish classes for children?

We don’t have established children’s classes, but if you bring a pre-formed group of children and provide a location, we may be able to arrange for a teacher to work with your kids.

Q3. Will I learn regular Spanish? Business Spanish? Legal Spanish? Technical Spanish? Medical Spanish?

At Beginner levels, our courses are designed to build strong foundations in general Spanish. At higher levels, more technical Spanish (for example, Spanish for Lawyers, Spanish for Business, Medical Spanish, etc.) may be introduced.