Madison Rollo
UGA advertising major
seeking summer internship

“Marta is great. She is a reading specialist which helped me learn the strategies she provided for reading, speaking, writing, and listening in Spanish. She uses gestures, rhythms, chants and tricks for remembering grammar points and for retaining the content. I will refer any Spanish students to her who need help. She does a great job of making her students feel comfortable in a tutoring setting and tries to engage them with the material. She made time to tutor me during finals week which was also the day that she was leaving the country for Spain. THAT is an instructor who cares about your willingness to learn! She motivated me when I was struggling with Span 2001 and encouraged me to further pursue my Spanish skills.
Thank you Marta!”

Ryan Joiner
Student at University of

“Marta is and will be the best Spanish tutor that I have ever had. She was very knowledgeable of the course (SPAN 2001) and its material. She guided me to a great ‘nota’! She is also the sweetest person to help someone if they are struggling in any way, she takes her time and makes sure you are confident in yourself and the language. I wish she tutored other subjects so that I may spend more time with her.”

Susan O’Neill
PR Specialist at Nebo Agency

“Marta is a very warm and perceptive tutor. Her energy makes it easy to spark curiosity of the spanish language in students. Marta is extremely knowledgable in the teaching of spanish and is able to answer any questions I have! I would definitely recommend her to any spanish student looking to improve their skills whether it is for grammar, conversation, or culture.”

Timi Conley
Director, Wild Rumpus Parade & Spectacle

“I was thrilled to work with Marta as she translated a body of written material for a large event that I organize – The Wild Rumpus Parade & Spectacle. It helped us reach a wider audience in our community and brought a greater sense of inclusion. Her work was fast, fun, and very effective, and she’s a joy to work with!”