UGA Spanish Courses One on One Tutoring

I am a private tutor for University of Georgia students taking the following Spanish courses: Span 1001, Span 1002, Span 1110, Span 2001, Span 2002, Span 3010 and Span 3020. Having been a former UGA Romance Languages Instructor, I am very familiar with the class curriculum, course objectives and expectations.

Don’t wait to the last minute!!! Let me help you understand your Spanish classes so you do not need me any more or you need me once in a while, and maybe you will even want to continue learning and improving your language skills after you pass your UGA Spanish class!

$30 an hour


  • English to Spanish translations
  • Review of already-done translations

I do translations and interpretations in different settings and for different purposes. My native language is Spanish and, therefore, I best translate English to Spanish. Nevertheless, I have experience doing excellent work on Spanish to English translations in the areas of education, medical services, court and industry worker’s training, surveys and communications that I always fine tune with a native English literacy specialist.

  • I will accept only work that I have the knowledge, resources and time to perform in line with agreed-upon terms.
  • Communication with client is essential, before, during and after the work is done. 

Examples of charges:

A4 sheet of paper 70% text


Product and services website


Immigration Certificate
One page birth certificate

$60 (certified)

Marketing brochure
Four sided A4 size brochure


Letter of interest/introduction letter                            $10

Emails 1-5 lines


Per word document non- technical

                       $ 0.10

Small Group Spanish Classes

  • Beginning
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Approach me with a pre-formed group of friends, coworkers or contacts who want to learn Spanish. Put together a group of 4+ students, and I can customize a program to meet the needs and objectives of your group. Your own tuition will be free! 

Small group Spanish classes (4-8 participants) based on public demand (four students minimum). I can prepare and implement customized Spanish lessons for individuals or groups, adults or children, at different levels, in different areas, and for different purposes. Being in a classroom setting allows you to learn from other’s mistakes, and others can learn from you, no matter how fast or slow you’re working. It is useless to compare yourself to others, though, as competition can only be a distraction from the task at hand – learning to communicate in Spanish.